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Rent to Own Program

Our "Rent to Own" program allows you to purchase a fleet of in-line skates at no cost to your school.

We will "front" you the skates and you will have up to five months to pay for the equipment, using a "rental fee" that you charge your students. This one-time rental fee will
range from $6 to $11 per student, depending on the size of your average PE class and the number of students in your school.

We have specifically developed Rent to Own to meet the needs of PE teachers who are looking for creative ways to fund a Skate in School program in their school. There is no "catch" to this Rent to Own program. We have been running the Skate in School program for 20 years, we are currently in more than 1,500 schools nationwide and this new Rent to Own program is just a new way for schools with limited funds to finance an in-line skating program.

If you are already doing an in-line skate rental program with another vendor, your students and parents will be used to paying a rental fee for in-line skating. But now, with our new Rent to Own program, your students/parents will pay only once, your school will actually own the equipment and you will not have to go back to the students and parents year after year, asking them for more money. Owning your own fleet of skates will also give you the flexibility to do in-line skating units any time throughout the year, and the skates can also be used for after-school and summer programs.

The only fine print on this program is an order limit of $6,000 per school (which still allows you to buy more than 50 skate packages) and Rent to Own pricing of $93 for youth packages and $103 for adult packages, which does include shipping/handling.

Download these documents to help you get started:

Download Rent to Own worksheet, showing you how to determine how many skate packages you need, based on your average PE class size, and then how much of a rental fee to charge each student, based on number of students in your school.

Download Rent to Own order form.

Download Payment/Permission Slip for students and parents. If you would like us to change or customize this for you, please contact us.