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Will we need special insurance?
No. In virtually all cases, your school's existing insurance policy for PE activities will cover Skate in School. We do recommend that you check with your school's insurance company to be certain.

Where can our students skate?
Indoors in gyms and outdoors in parking lots, on tennis courts and on nearby paved trails.

Will skates damage gym floors?
No. With proper use, Rollerblade skates will not mark gym floors. All skates ordered through the Skate in School program come with special brake pads that won't mar gym floors.

If our PE teachers don't know how to in-line skate, can you help us get started?
Yes. We will arrange an in-service session, using a certified instructor from your area. This a great way for your teachers to learn how to in-line skate, how to teach in-line skating skills, get some gear maintenance tips and properly launch the program. A half-day in-service for up to 15 of your teachers is $500, plus expenses. (If you have a larger group than 15, we charge $35 for each additional person.)

Why should we buy in-line skates instead of renting them?
It simply makes financial sense to do a one-time investment and buy skates instead of asking students and parents to keep paying every year for a rental program. In addition, if your school owns the equipment, teachers can use the skates anytime throughout the year for in-school, after-school and summer programs. We also offer a "Rent to Own" program, meaning that we will "front" you the skates and give you up to five months to pay for the equipment, using a "rental fee" that you can charge your students. Go here for complete information.

How do we store the equipment?
Download document for a variety of storage options.

Will the equipment need to be maintained and serviced?
Yes. Please visit our Maintenance section for tips on daily use, storage and cleaning. We also offer a variety of replacement parts, including brake pads and wheels.

If our students bring their own skates, can we order the program curriculum separately?
No. We distribute the curriculum only in conjunction with the Skate in School skates to ensure that the program is delivered using the highest quality equipment. We do not recommend allowing students to use their own skates because it gives you less control over the condition and safety of the equipment.

Does Rollerblade award grants?
No. Rollerblade originally seeded the program with some grants but no longer does that. We will, however, work with you to access any national, regional or local grants that may be offered.

Can we do fundraisers to pay for the program?
Yes. Contact us with the specifics about your school and situation, and we'll share fundraising ideas that have been successful for schools like yours.