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Schools, school districts and community-based organizations.

Carol White Physical Education Program (PEP) grants pay up to 90 percent of the total costs of
initiating, expanding and improving physical education programs by providing funds for training of teachers and the purchase of equipment. This includes funding for school day and after-school programs. More than 1,100 PEP grants, totalling about $800 million, have been awarded since 2001.

Why Skate in School?
Skate in School, the innovative in-line skating program developed by Rollerblade and NASPE, is a perfect fit for PEP grants.  Now in more than 1,000 schools nationwide, Skate in School is at the forefront of the New PE initiatives, which boost youth fitness, self-esteem and the development of life-long physical skills and activities. Skate in School meets Healthy People 2010 objectives and National Standards for Physical Education. Learn about the fitness benefits of in-line skating here, including cardiovascular conditioning, calorie burning, muscle toning and improvement of balance and agility, and download the study done on in-line skating by the University of Massachusetts Exercise Science Department.

PEP grants have helped fund Skate in School in about 300 schools nationwide, including Buffalo, NY, which put Skate in School in all 50 of its elementary schools, reaching 30,000 students for in-school and after-school programs. "I have never seen our children so excited to be in physical education class than when we are teaching in-line skating," says Sharon Czemerys, the former Buffalo supervisor for elementary PE. "We are seeing great participation by all." Orange County, Florida, has also used a PEP grant to fund Skate in School in 24 of its school buildings. PEP grant administrator Jeanne Fifer describes in-line skating as her students' "favorite unit all year!" Watch a video of the Orange County program here.

The Skate in School program includes:

• Rollerblade skates and protective gear, which you purchase at a special price and own so your teachers can use it any time during the year with any students, as part of your in-school and/or after-school programming.

• Developmentally appropriate lesson plans, and instructional video; all approved by NASPE

• Optional in-service teacher training and storage carts.

3 Easy Steps for Funding Skate in School with PEP

1) Equipment Costs
a) To determine equipment quantities, first take the number of students in one of your average size PE classes and then add 50 percent more. (The extra 50 percent will be for additional equipment to cover the size ranges within each class.) For example, if the average size of your PE classes is 30, then budget for 45 to 50 skate packages per school building.

b) For help with sizing, please download this PDF with recommended size runs and pricing for elementary, middle and high schools. You can also call us at 1-888-758-4386.

c) Adult-size packages are $90 each and youth-size packages are $80 each. (Each package includes a pair of in-line skates, helmet and full protective gear.) Add $10 per package for shipping and handling. Go here to download an order form or place your order on-line.

d) We suggest budgeting replacement parts into your grant to cover wheels, brake pads, etc.  In general, you should expect to order about $6 worth of replacement parts for each skate package you order, and that should cover 2-3 years of normal wear. Go here to download an order form or place your order on-line.

2) In-Line Skate Storage Cart
An optional, but highly recommended piece of equipment is an in-line storage cart that was developed by a PE teacher from Wisconsin and is discounted for Skate in School participants.  Carts cost $940 for a two-shelf (22-pair) model, $1,254 for a three-shelf (33-pair) cart and $1,535 for a four-shelf (44-pair) version. Call 1-800-882-7755 for more information and for shipping costs.

3) In-Service, Teacher Education
Build in at least one in-service training sessions for the teachers from your participating schools. One in-service training should be scheduled before you introduce the skating curriculum to students. Another session could be scheduled for the end of the first year, to deliver more training and do an evaluation of the first year's progress against your program's overall goals.

In-service for a group of up to 15 of your teachers, using one of our certified skating instructors, is $500 per session.

Additional Help in Writing Your PEP Grant Application
• If you're interested in hiring a professional grants consulting firm to help you write or edit/review your PEP grant application, we recommend Insight Grants Development. This firm has had an excellent success rate in helping school districts win PEP grants, including seven winners in 2009 alone.

• For help in using a PEP grant to fund your Skate in School program, please call us at 1-888-758-4386 or e-mail us here.