• Skate in School has a proven record of success in more than 2,000 schools nationwide.

• More than 7 million students have been safely introduced to in-line skating.

• Skate in School is at the forefront of "New PE" initiatives, which boost youth fitness and self-esteem, and emphasize the development of life-long physical skills and activities.

Program includes:
Rollerblade¨ skates and protective gear at a special price, which schools purchase and own so teachers can use it any time during the year as part of in-school and after-school programs.

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans and instructional DVD.

How do you get this program into your school?
Talk with your physical education teacher and administrators. Tell them about this great in-line skating program.

Have them visit the teacher/administrator version of this website, and call us at
(952) 217-5466.


All grades, K-12 • After-School Programs • Summer Programs • Parks & Recreation • YMCAs

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